Happy New Year everyone! It's been a long time since our last update, for which we apologise for, but it's now time to finally release our next update, PR:BF2 v1.1.0.0.

This new update contains a rather large amount of changes across all areas of the modification. Numerous issues have been fixed, changes and tweaks made across the board, and a few new features.

The update will be released in a few hours, sometime around 13:00 PRT (UTC). The launcher will detect the new update and it will be automatically downloaded. For those who have been having issues with the updater and updating to the latest version, there will also new full installer available on the downloads page.

But, onto the real stuff, here's the changelog for the new version. Enjoy!

PR:BF2 v1.1.0.0 (2014/01/03)


  • Added check for missing CD Key on launch, if it's missing, the dialogue to change your CD Key will display.
  • Attempted fix for mumble audio cue's not loading/constantly looping/etc.
  • Fixed VC++ 2012 dependency and PR Launcher update issues.
  • Fixed issue with non-English Windows language formats in the launcher and slider UI controls.
  • Fixed multiple issues throughout PR's code for better stability.
  • Updated screen resolution list to additionally use DirectX in combination with Windows API to get available screen resolutions in an attempt to solve issues where screen resolutions do not display.


  • Added a realistic flash animation to the AP shell impacts.
  • Added dynamic light to trip flares.
  • Added more transparency to the shell ejection of carbines, rifles and machine-guns.
  • Added muzzle flashes on night/dusk map layers.
  • Added slightly more muzzle smoke to carbines, rifles and machine-guns.
  • Added smoke ejection effects to all rocket launchers.
  • Fixed a bug with the missile trails that made them show up with weird clipping and behaviour.
  • Fixed missile trails gravity pulling them upwards.
  • Improved C4 explosion effects.
  • Improved various missile trails in order to show realistic ignition effects.
  • Improved vehicle effects.
  • Updated bullet hits on dirt and sand - they are bit less transparent.
  • Updated tank tracer to look a bit less Dragon Ball Z-like.
  • Updated shell ejection behaviour on some weapons. Now the shells eject further and faster away.
  • Updated ground impacts.
  • Updated fire effects.
  • Updated ground and vehicle explosions in order to avoid weird culling and wrong display.
  • Updated jet/heli burning trails not to cull down any other explosions by setting a delay.
  • Updated sparks of the RPG trail to fit the projectile size better.
  • Updated the concrete bullet hits, bits fly in a more random fashion now.
  • Updated the tank dust on sand.


  • Added missing prone sound to SKS bayonet.
  • Added new 25mm distant shoot sound.
  • Added new French grunt voices.
  • Added new French SL voices.
  • Added new German grunt voices.
  • Added new L85 and L86 rifle fire sounds.
  • Added new loaded sounds for technicals.
  • Added remaining US commander voices.
  • Added new SPR unsuppressed fire sounds.
  • Fixed death sounds of Vietnamese soldiers.
  • Fixed French Minimi muzzle flash.
  • Fixed HMMWV driving sounds on concrete surfaces.
  • Fixed Makarov ejecting wrong shell case.
  • Fixed missing trigger sound for Su-27 cannon and Su-34 AA missiles.
  • Fixed the stone using the grenade sound when reloading.
  • Fixed trip flare having no "reload" sound.
  • Modified AK rifle fire sounds.
  • Removed bolt click sounds from bolt-action rifles and pump-action shotguns.
  • Updated BMP-1 engine sounds to sound more heavy.
  • Updated FAMAS reload sounds.
  • Updated G3 fire sounds.
  • Updated Leopard tank engine sounds.
  • Updated M240 fire sounds.
  • Updated T-62 engine sounds.


  • Optimized countless objects, weapons, and vehicles LODs to improve performance.
  • Added fire mode indicator to zoom in view.
  • Added medic healing indicator.
  • Fixed bad words checks (can be activated by SAs).
  • Fixed bridges damage model
  • Fixed checks of supports that keep rally points alive.
  • Fixed one of the ARF soldiers taking damage after a few seconds when swimming.
  • Fixed the Medics having the incorrect type of sight on their fixed bayonet.
  • Fixed sprint for ARF and CF soldiers
  • Increased supply capacity across all forms of supplies.
  • Modified soldiers to be penetrable by projectiles. Heavy body armour will still stop bullets though.
  • Updated ARF and CF soldiers to have the same sprint settings as the other factions.
  • Updated water with more bullet penetration.
  • Removed UAV lasing ability.


  • Added F1 grenades back to NVA main rifleman kits.
  • Added IDF medikit dressing.
  • Added STD and ALT medic kits for the CH,GB,RU to the spawn menu interface.
  • Added STD and ALT spawnable medic kits for the CH,GB and RU factions.
  • Added scopes to Medic class to conventional factions.
  • Fixed French medic having wrong bayonet model.
  • Fixed the Canadian unarmed kit using an insurgent kit's geometry.
  • Removed white smoke from SP kits.
  • Updated Iraqi Insurgent Kits. Includes the return of RKGs, booby traps, etc.
  • Updated USMC Corpsman. Exchanged M16A4 with M4.


  • Added thermals to BMP-2M.
  • Fixed ATV using metal wheels
  • Fixed CH Landing Boat armour.
  • Fixed clock in Leopard 2A6 commander sights.
  • Fixed co-op version of the Leclerc causing a CTD.
  • Fixed CTD in Stormer after locking.
  • Fixed French Navy NH90 designation.
  • Fixed GBC-180 F3 exit point.
  • Fixed Havok crashing co-op maps on occasion.
  • Fixed iron sight zoom on the Militia technical's DSHK HMG.
  • Fixed Lynx gunners seat position icons.
  • Fixed MTLB front armour.
  • Fixed possible crash for the MV-22.
  • Fixed the pilot/copilot seats being the wrong way around on the US/GB Chinooks.
  • Fixed the Up Armoured HMMWV wrecks, so effects don't show through.
  • Fixed US-M113 entry points.
  • Fixed VBCI not taking damage in water.
  • Fixed very high muzzle velocities on many helicopter guns.
  • Fixed MV-22 rearming bug.
  • Fixed ZPU-4 having OP armour.
  • Updated Vehicle Disabling System, to be slighty more consequent to heavy damaged vehicles.
  • Increased reload time on Type 95 SPAAG missiles.
  • Removed the NH90 copilot's external nose view.
  • Replaced AIM-120s on MiG-29s and the Su-27 with R-27ERs.
  • Increased hull armour for heavier choppers (Apache, Havoc,...) vs firearms slightly.
  • Updated the BMP-2 series to use realistic gun elevation angles.
  • Updated Su-25, Su-39 and A-10 to have improved armour.
  • Updated Mi-24 to have the same critical damage time as other Atk Helis.
  • Updated AAVP7 MG to be fired though the Right Mouse Button.
  • Updated AAVP7 HUD to match weapon setup.
  • Updated overheat settings on Type 95 SPAAG and Tunguska.
  • Updated rounds per minute settings for several APCs/IFVs so they fire at RL rates.


  • Added spinning trajectory to ATGMs to represent inaccuracy and/or slightly erratic RL flight path.
  • Modified exit positions for vehicle-mounted SPG-9.
  • Fixed a few IED types not destroying FOBs.
  • Fixed British NLAW having wrong recoil and deviation settings.
  • Fixed the reload/deploy times for the ARF's dressings not matching the length of the animations.
  • Fixed the small TNT showing an unusable "dummy" TNT when you ran out of "mags".
  • Fixed ZPU-4 damage against armoured units.
  • Increased damage of SMAW HEDP against light vehicles.
  • Reduced recoil on AK-74 and AK-74M.
  • Reduced small arms damage to planes.
  • Updated AA missiles to follow their targets better.
  • Updated AT mines to not destroy armoured vehicles instantly.
  • Updated AT-11 to have improved speed physics and slightly lower damage.
  • Updated buck and slug ranges to something more realistic.
  • Updated FAMAS F1 to have reduced recoil.
  • Updated Hydras to have increased splash damage.
  • Updated LATs to cause more damage to lightly armoured vehicles.
  • Updated LMGs to have increased recoil.
  • Updated MP5 to have reduced recoil marginally.
  • Updated R-27ER and AIM-120 max speed to Mach 4.
  • Updated RKGs to have slightly lowered damage to armoured vehicles and fixed cache killing.
  • Updated RPG-7 deviation to be more accurate.
  • Updated SPG, RPG, and other hand-held AT weapons, to have increased splash damage.


  • Deleted a detail texture causing crashing issues on a few maps.
  • Updated Asad Khal
    • Removed four APCs from ALT layer and gave each team one HMG APC to balance IDF and MEC.
    • Added ACVs to all layers.
  • Updated Beirut
    • Fixed the rainbow coloured grass bug.
  • Updated Bijar Canyons
    • Modified attack helos and AA vehicles with a delayed spawn on LRG layer.
  • Updated Black Gold
    • Added Std and Alt co-op layers.
  • Updated Burning Sands
    • Fixed some floating objects.
    • Replaced GB with ziptie version for INS.
  • Updated Dovre
    • Improved performance.
    • Modified para spawns to push RU forces deeper into the battlefield.
    • Updated some lightmaps.
    • Replaced the ATGM BMP-2 with the BMP-3 for the Russians.
    • Replaced crates on skirmish layer with generic.
    • Added ticket bleed on flags for both teams.
  • Updated Fools Road
    • Changed rotation of ZiS-3 guns in fort so they can shoot lower.
  • Updated Gaza
    • Added repair depot to MEC.
    • Replaced kits with the ziptie versions.
  • Updated Iron Ridge
    • Added a few transport trucks to the insurgency layers.
  • Updated Khamisiyah
    • Replaced one Harrier with F/A-18 on LRG layer to balance jet assets.
    • Fixed a few bugs on the co-op std layer.
    • Replaced smoke at MEC main with a less dense version and made a few tweaks to effects placement.
  • Updated Kokan
    • Fixed client-side crashes by adding destructible doors to all layers; co-op removed for the foreseeable future.
  • Updated Kozelsk
    • Modified some spawn points on AAS Std.
  • Updated Muttrah City
    • Updated Made the Muttrah Mosque window glass to be penetrable by bullets.
    • Updated AAS Lrg, Std & Inf: Added Enter Vehicle Spawns to docks, which means if there is a friendly vehicle spawned there, you can spawn into it and if not you can't spawn on that spawn point. Note if you spawn into the LAV you need to get out quickly before the python code kills you for not having a crewman kit.
    • Updated AAS Lrg: increased MV-22 respawn time from 15mins to 20mins
    • Updated AAS Std: made MV-22 non-respawnable
    • Updated AAS Lrg: Linked Easy and West City Centre flags together so once both the North City flags are captured they are both attackable which should make it easier for the USMC to push forward.
    • Updated AAS Lrg & Std: Increased Scorpion Spawn time from 15mins to 20mins
    • Updated AAS Lrg & Std: Increased 30mm MTLB spawn time from 12mins 30secs to 15mins
    • Updated AAS Lrg: Increased South City Team 1 Capture time from 2mins to 2mins 30secs
    • Updated AAS Std: Increased South City Team 1 Capture time from 1min 30secs to 2mins
    • Updated AAS Lrg, Added another Logi Truck Spawn to Docks with a 10min delayed spawn so you get two trucks 10mins after capping docks with a third spawning 10mins later, assuming that both the first two survive that 10mins till the thrid spawns.
    • Updated AAS Std & Inf, Increased the current Docks Logi Truck Spawn to spawn a max nr of two Logi Trucks from its spawn.
  • Updated Operation Marlin
    • Added AI pathfinding, new co-op Std and Alt layers.
    • Added pipe to river to prevent APCs from exploiting dam static.
    • Moved bridge slightly to prevent players from sinking under static.
    • Fixed the yellow bullet impact effects.
  • Updated Pavlovsk Bay
    • Added new light maps.
    • Updated flag layout and modified GPO to focus on the submarine base more.
    • Updated overgrowth to make it look better.
    • Updated flag names.
  • Updated Qwai
    • Adjusted GPOs to remove tanks with focus on soft and mobile USA forces vs APC-centric PLA.
  • Updated Ramiel
    • Removed a concrete bag static that was causing players to get stuck.
    • Reduced US tickets by 100 on Blackhawk Down layer.
    • Made some gameplay tweaks to help balance out the map again.
  • Updated Saaremaa
    • Fixed a bunch of bad flag names used for the object spawners, hopefully fixing the invisible kit issue.
    • Attempted fix bugged artillery.
  • Updated Shijia Valley
    • Moved PLA Main on Skirmish ALT layer based on feedback.
  • Updated Vadso City
    • Added ticket bleed.
  • Updated Wanda Shan
    • Updated Map Balance - Exchanged 2 Puma APCs with 1x IFV Puma and 1x Leopard 2A6 on STD layer.


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